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Sarah Nishiura grew up in Detroit and now lives in Chicago, where she uses traditional techniques to craft one-of-a-kind quilts from her own designs. Sarah learned to sew from her mother and learned to love geometry from her father. From her grandparents, who were great builders, painters, stitchers, weavers and gardeners, she learned that making things is one of the greatest imperatives, privileges and pleasures in life.

Sarah's quilts are all pieced from 100% cotton recycled and vintage materials, backed with  new yardage, and then hand quilted. It can take up to 4 months to complete a quilt, but the result is strong, durable, and suitable for warmth or display.

To learn more about Sarah's education and experiences, click here to view her CV or download the PDF. Interested in owning one of Sarah's quilts? A selection of her smaller quilts is for sale through the online company Entoten. Email Sarah directly to inquire about purchasing larger quilts, to discuss a commission, to find out about upcoming exhibitions and teaching engagements, or just to say hello! sarahsnishiura@gmail.com